Thoughts on a String Podcasts; Sept 13-17

Recent podcasts by Charles for his YouTube channel.

A few thoughts on the communicative styles of a certain online medium and the audience’s response to them.

A video essay focusing on ‘wild imaginations’ which are too good to be true in a society.

Disclaimer: You will not like what I’m going to talk in this video entry but it must be said. The reaction of one American track ‘star’ after finishing last in a competition is a symptom of the superficiality in sports today. This essay explains why.

Is it worth the overconfidence to become a track star? This entry tries to answer the question with a surprise of a sprinter who learned their lesson the hard way.

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Managing Expectations

A video essay of how first-time or future authors should manage their expectations when their first book is released. There is a sense literary artists who wear the name ‘author’ take it too far. This entry explains why that is not necessary for a new author starting out.

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The Hijacking of South Central

Outside and young voices are determined to change the narrative of what South (Central) Los Angeles used to be. This video essay warns against that ‘erasure’, including the reasons for the April 29, 1992 Unrest.

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700 Wives (from The Voices of South Central)

Hello everyone!

Thanks to my wife, I am proud to present “700 Wives”, a poem from The Voices of South Central written by yours truly. I hope you enjoy it. Take care!

The Voices of South Central (with other books) is available at
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The Art of Storytelling

What is the art of storytelling? Why is it important for book loving audiences? Why do classic stories stay with us for centuries? The answers to these questions are explained in this new video essay. Please, take a listen.
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Fear is Profitable

Fear has always been profitable – for movies, news and now in our social media platforms. This video essay explains and shares examples why that is.

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The Folly of Not Reading Books

There is a troubling trend that is disturbing for nearly everyone; the lack of reading books in today’s culture. What can we still learn from reading a book that we can’t get on our devices and social media today? Charles explores this subject with his own thoughts on it. Please take a moment and listen.

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Let Villains Be Villains

Have you noticed a ‘trend’ in today’s fictional villains? They appear to be damaged mental cases instead of outright evil people the reading and viewing audience should fear. In this video essay, Charles brings up a few examples of a few enduring villains and why they deserve their place in literary or film history.

Warning: expect a follow-up to this subject soon.

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The Last Time I Saw My Father

In this video essay, Charles shares his experiences seeing his father for the last time and what impact death has for the rest of us.

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Podcast: Nothing Personal

There are times when engaging in a conversation you expect to remain civil, you’ll find there’s no other alternative but to cut that other user loose. This entry explains it’s not personal, but it helps to keep you sane in this time of ‘argumentative culture’.

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