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For some time now, this heritage literary project has been in my mind, waiting for the proper time to become reality. The main purpose for creating this blog was to accomplish a number of things. First; as we embark on a brand new chapter for Black writers in the 21st Century with the ability to present multiple collections of titles in the literary world, we must always revisit the writers who never receive enough credit – even in these times, the issues they faced, dealt with and wrote about still exist. It is not enough to simply wish man’s cruelty of man away based on skin color or privilege. The raw emotions and appeals from our legends are very real and must be displayed every now and then. That is the hope of this journal.

Second, while we have the technology at our disposal to create stories upon stories relating to our current experience, the writers who came before us also ‘kept it real’ in terms of admonishing the oppressive system many of their brethren fell under, while exhorting their same brethren to not accept their condition, that there is more to their lives than pure chattel for an uncaring master who believe under his misguided ‘Devine’ right, to adhere to a law forbidding these precious children of God to at least become in the manner in which they were formed, human.

I do not apologize for posting the selected readings you’re about to witness. However, it is my hope and goal that you will take away from this a sense of where we have been and why we are reminded to tell our children about our past struggles so they will better appreciate it all the more. Hopefully, reading the strength of character from these writers of the past will serve as a source of inspiration that specifically Black men are not the worst of what society believes, but we do possess intelligence and we demand the best from ourselves. We have our own standards to meet up to.

You may believe because this is posted in February that this blog will only last for a mere 28 days and that will be that. I beg to differ. Although the bulk of the postings will be seen this month, it is my intention to leave this up as a reference point for all who wish to peruse its contents for research, etc. The various sites where these essays are posted will be linked if the content is too long.

For those of you reading this with the belief the topics and issues discussed on this blog have nothing to do with you, that is your right. Consider this a history lesson among scribes offering in detail of the life they lived, the mores of society backing that time and solutions to better the human condition, beneficial to us all.

There are a lot of things that I could say, but thank you for your time and I hope these essays and writings will make everyone understand the struggle clearly from the pens of these fine authors.

Take care.

Charles Chatmon
Chatmon’s Books

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