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Commentary: Why We Believe in #LiteratureUnlimited

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Here is where writers are made, their works tried and tested over and over again by the stroke of a pen, the eyes of a curious reader, the comments of a reviewer with a critical eye of the writer’s work. This is where the writer begins their journey towards a dream they thought would never come true.


Books are published for the sole reason of being read. Written by men and women over the centuries, the poetic verses, plays and stories have something for everyone. In this digital age, it’s important to continue reading about other cultures, other lands to see more points of view besides the ones we live with. Books can also break down barriers our society fails to tear down. They can take us to faraway lands or to the harsh realities of the country we live in. Books have the power to do just that.

Writers feel they have a part in this too, and why shouldn’t they? Whether they are young or old, writers who continue to write, persist in the written word are the ones we as a society should applaud for never giving up on a dream that meant so much.

This is why we believe in #LiteratureUnlimited. There are no restrictions to what a person can write regardless of subject matter. Books are a gateway to success if one is willing to take the time to sit down and take the time to read what interests them the most.

If you are a parent, please spend some time with your children, give them a book to read and allow them to create a love of literature. It would be the best gift they would ever need.

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