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New Book News and The Reason Why


Greetings readers,

I come to you this early morning with some news; I’ve decided to go ahead and finally publish that new book. For the past nine years I’ve teased my ‘fans’ with the mention of a new book, from privately debating over the title to what type of format I’ll use. I can say for now it will be an anthology of poems and short stories. For the longest I’ve wrestled with that because I know literature is ever-changing; it’s a more genre-specific market. Yet, there are places for anthologies and I believe the short stories that I’ve hidden from the world and written some twenty-six years ago (maybe one or two longer than that) need to be seen by you, the reader.

I feel this is the best time to release a new book as I’m tipping towards another side of life that will be considered a milestone. Yet I struggle with the fact that I didn’t want to die without releasing a few of my oldest short stories that as a young man in college worked hard and made sure they were of high quality. It would be a shame not to see those efforts go to waste, so here I am.

There are ideas in my head even now about which title deserves to be named for the new book. I plan to go back to a title I’ve shared with you many times before, but if you’ve read any of the entries this year, you know I have an idea to go with Heart of the Observer. That choice is not set in stone. The new title will be mentioned sometime this week.

Thanks to all of you who have supported me these years. It has been a pleasure and a joy to respond to you via social media, emails and in person. My goal is to be the best writer, author, scribe, and you folks are a main reason why. As always, your support is greatly appreciated.

That’s it….for now.

Charles Chatmon
Author and Co-owner,
Chatmon’s Books

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