Comments From Vallejo

26 Sep

Can’t say they didn’t mention us in Vallejo!

Here are the responses to our article in the Vallejo Times Herald (Bookseller off to small but determined start in Vallejo, 2008) from Topix. While we wished we could have acted upon some of the ideas suggested here, we were fortunate enough to build a following. Thanks to our customers and the Art Department for supporting us the five years we spent at the farmers market!

Now, on to the comments…….

“A worthwhile effort, both on the part of the City and Mr. Chatmon. I hope the Times Herald lets us know when the store opens, so I can stop in, browse, and buy!”

“Someone trying to do something worthwhile in Vallejo? Cue the VIB Haters’ Club in 5, 4, 3…
Stop by and chat with him at the Farmer’s Market. Wish him luck – and buy something!”

“I hope Chatmon does well. He should keep it small–stick to the farmers market until he can really assess whether he can make a go of it in a permanent location. There are plenty of places that I’m sure would love to partner up for special readings and book signings (e.g., Panama Red or one of the downtown restaurants). Too many small businesses pour money into grand plans and then fail. Think small and conservative and let the business build. Then, when the economy improves think about a permanent place.”

“Hey more power to you! I’m all for a book store in Vallejo. It is definatly a long time coming! I hope the city can work and maybe have the store in downtown say on Georgia Street to attract a more walk up crowd.”

“Since I buy my books online, mostly from , I guess I won’t be looking around for Chatmon’s mobile bookstore. Their prices must be pretty cheap since there is no store rental expense to pay but that also means limited selections.”

“It is very hard to get a bookstore up and running in Vallejo and even harder to be successful. The last one I remember around the corner from the old herpetarium folded after not too long in business. Definitely keep it modest to start.”

“A bookstore in Vallejo that you don’t have to be 18 to go into? Unpossible!”

“I’ve been waiting for a book store since I moved here from Berkeley 8 years ago.
I think one that that may help would be donations as this is getting started.
A lot of people drop their books at the local thrift stores, where they end up in a big pile.
Maybe people in the community could have a drop off spot to help Chatmon get this store off the ground.”

“Maybe working something out with Bacci’s cafe? It would seem to me to be a really good location.”

“ he’s at the farmer’s market on saturdays. He sells novels, non-fiction, and children’s books.”

“Very Cool. I buy a lot of children’s books, so I’ll be there.”

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