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Poem: Seeking But Cannot Find


Note: this poem is not the author’s best, but he decided to share this with all of you.

Everyday I wake up
thankful that the sun
does rise
but I shake my head
when truth hits me
in the face
do I realize
the love of my life
gone, not there
another has her love and devotion
this is life, tho it’s not always fair.

This is a part of what
we all go through
when the past
we curse and rue
losing a love
claws at your mind
when we are so close
seeking but cannot find.

There was a woman
who cared for me
we were partners
shared everything
two lovers can
then she went away
never did I see her again
when I last learned of her status
I had no chance with her again
even as a friend.

it’s good for the soul
some say
for the time must come
to purge the hurt
in a cleansing type of way
removing all fears
you may have
tearing away all doubts
learning from this lesson
is hard
but that’s what life
is all about.

Music plays
four o’clock in the morning
stillness of the hour
sunshine soon will be adorning
plants and waking up people
from late night sleep
I write lyrics about a long lost love
which I vow never more to seek.

To all who read this
although it may be
we have lost someone
at one time or another
hoping they return
like a sailor lost at sea
time does heal all wounds
and if we’re faithful shall
have our reward
but let the past be the past
and let’s make the future bright
as we move forward.

Thanks for reading.

Charles L. Chatmon
Copyright (C) 1999

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The Lady Frog Who Grew Too Big For Her Skin

Lady Frog

A fable for our times. Enjoy.

(From Aesop)

A lady frog saw an ox in a meadow and admired the huge beast. She decided to make herself even bigger.
She puffed herself up until all wrinkles in her skin disappeared. She called her children and asked them if she were not now bigger than the ox. They told her that she was not. She puffed herself up further, but the children still said the ox was bigger. She continued to huff and puff, expanding herself more and more. Finally, she burst.

MORAL: If you blow yourself up bigger than you were meant to be, you may wind up being nothing.

Taken from the Negro Heritage Library, “Negro Heritage Reader for Young People” Educational Heritage, Inc., (1965)

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