The Lady Frog Who Grew Too Big For Her Skin

03 Oct

Lady Frog

A fable for our times. Enjoy.

(From Aesop)

A lady frog saw an ox in a meadow and admired the huge beast. She decided to make herself even bigger.
She puffed herself up until all wrinkles in her skin disappeared. She called her children and asked them if she were not now bigger than the ox. They told her that she was not. She puffed herself up further, but the children still said the ox was bigger. She continued to huff and puff, expanding herself more and more. Finally, she burst.

MORAL: If you blow yourself up bigger than you were meant to be, you may wind up being nothing.

Taken from the Negro Heritage Library, “Negro Heritage Reader for Young People” Educational Heritage, Inc., (1965)

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