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The NEW Chatmon’s Bookstore

14702421_1482662995083949_8454956293302010316_n.jpg Thanks to the fine folks at Facebook, we’ve just opened our new online store on their site.  Now you’ll be able to purchase books from us if you’re a user and discover the authors and books we’re helping to promote. Remember, Authors N Focus content is now exclusively shown at Chatmon’s Books, so we want to make sure you enjoy the best of up-and-coming authors by buying a book from us at our new Facebook store or continue to join us here on the blog for more.

Here’s the link to our Facebook page. We invite you to join us if you’re not on this site:

Until then, take care and remember: #LiteratureUnlimited

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Black Writers Festival 2007 Personality Panel

The following was filmed at the 2007 Black Writers Festival at the Howard Hughes Center in Los Angeles, California. Tammy Mac of KJLH Radio (102.3 FM on your dial) hosts a Personality Panel. The topic and discussion for the Adult Book Club is “Building Better Relationships”. Panelists for this discussion are: Rodney Allen Rippy, the late great Barbara Wright Sykes, Pearl Jr., Conney Williams and our very quiet President and co-owner, Charles L. Chatmon.

Black Writers Festival producer Maxine Jackson appears at the end. Many thanks to her for producing this literary event in the past.

This is an Empire Beat Magazine production. Parts 1 & 2 are shown below.

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