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Storm Over South Central Update, July 2017

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For all of you good people who have waited and watched the progress of my soon to be released anthology, Storm Over South Central should know that things are progressing nicely. There are a few more matters that need to be taken care of before the finished product, but after so many years of dreaming of producing another book, Storm is on the way to becoming a reality.

It’s been fun coming back to the poems and short stories that I wrote years ago which I’m finally happy to see deserves their place on the printed (and digital) page. As you can tell, there are plans to produce an e-Book version of Storm so readers will always have a copy for whatever device they prefer.

Although it might be close to meeting the deadline date of November 2017 to publish Storm due to my commitments to my job and other valid reasons, rest assured that I’ll do everything I can to release this within the 2017-2018 school year. I promise to let you folks know the minute it’s ready for production. Please connect with me here on the blog if you have any questions related to Storm or anything else I’ve written in the past. I’m very excited in the direction the anthology is taking and I look forward to seeing it in print. We all know it’s been a long time in coming. Take care.

Charles L. Chatmon


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