Final Thoughts of 2017

27 Dec

-A few words from the owner and president –

First and foremost, I’d like to thank God The Father for allowing me to live throughout 2017. Yes, I believe in God, and He matters.

I would like to thank Him for not only life, but the blessings he’€™s given my family. If we are allowed to see 2018, it will be a challenging year for not only myself, but my family as the last few days has shown me.

Storm Over South Central will be out! I’m not sure of the date, but it will include a discussion series of The Changing Face of South Los Angeles which will explain some of the topics in Storm as well as issues not found in the book, but should be discussed. I’€™m looking forward to this.

You know, I’m going to say this and leave it at the door. Anyone who will have a problem, has an issue, disagrees with anything I’€™ve written or will write; I encourage debate. This is something we do not stress anymore since we as human beings, Americans, seem entrenched in our extremes as far as beliefs, political views, etc. Social media has caused all of us to not enjoy the freedom of speech and the freedom to debate logically. This must end. This must stop.

This is going to be a long, hard fight. Perhaps futile, but I’€™m willing to hold on to my freedom of writing what needs to be said….at the sake of everything else.

That’€™s it. Have a Happy New Year.

Charles L.Chatmon
President, owner, Chatmon’s Books

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