#Hashtag Fever

22 Jan

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In the social media world, the most effective weapon to draw attention to a movement or issue is by way of the #hashtag. How many of us seen it in our timelines, our feeds only to wonder what this is doing in my mentions? Perhaps you reader, have used a hashtag once or twice to advocate a cause. Up until a week ago, I had used it to promote my upcoming book, Storm Over South Central. You remember when I posted #StormOverSC in my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts? Well no more! The #StormOverSC is in indefinite hiatus for the time being. All I can say is that it didn’t get the results I wanted and I have better ways to advertise Storm until the release date. To be honest, I’ve given up on posting hashtags altogether.

Maybe for the Social Justice Warrior types, hashtags are essential to their message, but what it’s done in my humble opinion is the overreliance of creating and posting a hashtag to the masses using social media. My thought is what if peeps are unaware of The Cause of The Week or important social alert? What if they don’t use social media at all? Hashtag Fever can burn a user out if all they see on their screen is a bunch of #MeToo or #BlackLivesMatter all day long (then again, that speaks to the user staying on screen all day long too). It’s understandable hashtags are a new form of communication like-minded users will get and pass along when done right. My attempts in the past were a bit successful when I ran the book expo. Now that I’m an author, I don’t see a great need to overindulge myself online by posting #StormOverSC in posts where it doesn’t belong, like a story from a news site which has nothing to do with South Central L.A. or the subjects in the book.

The internet being what it is, hashtags have become an important tool to broadcast what regular traditional media could or will not say. They can also clutter our minds by the rate they’re posted. They’re mental candy and just like physical candy, if you eat too much….you will get sick. I don’t know about everyone else, but for the time being, I have decided to stop posting hashtags on my posts. I’d rather post a link to a story or subject that I feel needs to be shared and let you, the readers, decide whether or not it’s worth your time. Beginning now, I’m on a hashtag diet.

Charles L. Chatmon
Owner, Chatmon’s Books


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