Easily Replaced (poem)

08 Jul


Note: This poem is an original written by the user of this blog. Because it is posted here for the first time, it is a digital copyright.
Keep in mind any reproduction of this original work may find a challenge legal or otherwise, coming from the writer of this piece. Thank you for your time.

I’m a Black man
And you hate me
I’m judged very carefully
So you rate me
I’m measured by
All of your past experiences
With us men
So we’re regarded
In such a way
You vow never to date us again.

You prefer a pale face
Or another rib
Seeking peace
And all that is glib
I’m to you, a bogeyman
That you abhor
With a mixture
Of disgust and fright
Accused of crimes
I did not commit
But you believe is right.

I can’t call you
A queen
If you can’t accept me
As a king
So royalty has no place
All I am to you
Is only a human being
One who is easily replaced.

Charles L. Chatmon

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