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TOAS Podcast: Cancel Social Media

Thoughts Podcast4A
Charles issues a warning to the social media public. He offers words of caution to #cancelsocialmedia between now and November 3rd. As he explains in the video, there will be tons of (dis) information all battling for the most precious real estate we own. Take a listen if you like.

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Parody: White Man’s Burden 2020

Fellow humans:

Do not be alarmed. It’s just a parody of the classic poem by Rudyard Kipling. Updated for our present time. Enjoy. (or not)

Charles L. Chatmon
Author, President of Chatmon’s Books

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TOAS Podcast: The Opinions Expressed……

This is my first try in years of starting a consistent podcast for your peeps out there. Just like my blog on another site, I hope to provide you with my perspective on issues on various subjects. I do hope you enjoy what you’re about to listen to.

For this first entry, I explain that those of us who write, speak and watch this medium every day, are engaging in an opinion-based medium unless our subject or point is supported by indisputable, reliable sources. Please take a listen. Thank you.

(TOAS = Thoughts on a String)

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