Carrie Macon: Counterfeit love, Bullying: From The Playground to The Pulpit

19 Nov

As an independent online bookstore, it’s our goal to promote books by new authors. Carrie Macon has come out with two gems exclusively for us: Counterfeit Love and Bullying: From the Playground to the Pulpit. We’ll let the talented Ms. Macon take it from here: (links in the titles in bold)

Counterfeit love

From the author:

This is not your typical romance/love story. This story is about different people with different lives, yet, they all have one thing in common. Their commonality is that they now know that God’s love is an unconditional love for those who will seek Him. Everyone has a story to tell and I, like them are learning more about the love of God through my prayer group. And I have to say that I have grown tremendously being in this group of beautiful, God-fearing prayer warriors. Learning your truth, knowing your worth and trusting in God. We all have got to get back to our first love, and that is God.

Bullying: From The Playground to The Pulpit

From the author:

I’m no stranger to bullying. I went through it as a young child, and with my most recent experience through my employment. Over the years I have seen children, beautiful little souls take their lives because they were told they couldn’t or shouldn’t be who they were. A very good friend lost her life, she was married to her bully. It’s too much, and enough is enough. We need to come together as a people, as a nation to stomp out bullying for good. Let’s start here and now……

If you’re looking for two good reads for the holidays, be sure to support Carrie and buy copies of Counterfeit Love and Bullying: From The Playground to The Pulpit in our bookstore now!

Please continue to support authors and the books they write!

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