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28 Nov

Patience, Persistence, Perseverance and Positivity

Author: Herbert A. Brown Jr Paperback

Description: God called on Herbert A. Brown, Jr. to write this book. God blessed him with writing skills to communicate God’s word and will to the people during the current stressful economic times and turmoil in the world. As this is Herbert’s second published book Herbert again called on God to use him as a vehicle to reach as many people as possible who were distraught, discouraged, anxious and worried about the future. Herbert realized that so many people are “missing” something in their lives. Herbert called on God to use him as an instrument to communicate to these people that they need to possess the qualities of patience, persistence, perseverance, and positivity to live the blessed and abundant lives God intended for them. These qualities are paramount to living abundant and joyful lives. God loves us and wants us to enrich our lives with these qualities.

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Regulate! The Manual

Author: Clarence M. Allen

Description: Regulate! The Manual goes through the things in our lives where they are the most problems. There are adventures of what goes on in our neighborhood and cities all across America and the world. There is action, there are characters. Regulate! The Manual is also interactive. There are things for you to do as you regulate your way through life. There are tricks and traps inside of Regulate. Regulate! The Manual has covered the gangs, the gang members, the gang bangers, and the gangsters, racism, gays and lesbians and the status quo.

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My Mama’s Sweet Potato Pie: El Pay de Camote de mi Mama

Author: Kay Gibbie

Description: From Kay Gibbie, My Mama’s Sweet Potato Pie: El Pay de Camote de mi Mama is a bi-lingual coloring book for ages three and up.

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