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This Week’s Picks

Selected books for December 11, 2020

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Through The Fire…..journal of a child star

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Danielle Spencer

Once described by Entertainment Weekly to be “easily one of the best bratty siblings in TV history.”, Danielle Spencer describes her surreal transition from her life in New York City to Hollywood. With humor, she details her life and activities after the show What’s Happening ended, until she is met with a challenge that reveals her inner strength.

Streetz Gon’ Cry

Anthony Barrow & Tracey “Big Tray Deee” Davis

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West South Central itself is the size of most average cities. Overall, it is inhabited by doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, laborers and students. Interwoven within that fabric of citizens are die-hard gang-bangers, murderers and drug-dealers. Of this latter component, you have the King Crips and the Vernon Boys, who have an on-and off rivalry. Both sets have their vision locked on controlling the coke trade in the Crenshaw District. Notorious ride-or-die and hustler, Carter, from Vernon Boys is fresh out of the state penitentiary. During his absence, surreptitious acts of betrayal have placed his hood on the brink of implosion. Yet, Carter has returned with a plan and a purpose. With his mentor Wolf directing traffic from behind the walls of federal prison, Carter only needs to clean up his own backyard and then put the remainder of his pieces in their proper position in order to assume authority of the West Side’s illicit cash flow. Motivated by a deeper intent than mere ballin’ and flossin’, each of his executions are strategically calibrated to propel Carter and the Vernon Boys ahead of any and all competition vying for the top spot in the game. Will he survive long enough to realize his dreams?

Upon the Face of the Deep

Geri Chatmon

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“How many steps are required to discover the truth? Geri Chatmon has answered by chronicling her longtime pursuit of one of life’s most elusive necessities. First marching, then performing and now writing, her personal pilgrimage assists us all on our journey down the vital path to truth. For Geri, the first phase of pursuing truth was frontline activism. The rhythm of some of these writings mimic the tangible sounds of feet marching for civil rights and justice in the American south. Each step brought her, and now us, closer to the truth.

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Our Inventory (First Post)

How many of you good folks are looking for a book to read this holiday season? Guess what? Here at Chatmon’s Books, we may have what you want. Just take a look at the few books on display here and if you don’t see anything you like, please visit our website at Chatmon’s Books. Make buying a good book for a friend or family member part of your end of 2020 plans. We hope you will check us out. Take care!

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