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Writers, Authors & More Interview 2003

The late, great Megan Willingham speaks with Charles in this interview in 2003 about his two books, The Depths of My Soul and The Voices of South Central. Charles shares a few poems from his books, describes his experience as a published author and a surprise guest joins Megan and Charles for the interview.

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So, This is All The Thanks We Get?

It’s been nearly ten years since our departure from the North Bay area in California.

It’s been a good move, but there’s one thing that lightly offends us.

No mention of our presence anywhere online! (you know where to find us, of course!)

You would think, a major city such as, excuse me – what’s the name of that city again? – you think that city without a bookstore for years would have at least mentioned us once or twice. We even established our presence in a farmer’s market for crying out loud! Heard from a lot of folks who passed the time discussing politics, city issues, etc. Hardly any books sold by the same folks who stopped by to ‘pass the time’.

Even no one remembers our efforts during our time there. Wow!

Let this be a lesson to you future and present bookstore owners, be as loyal to your base as you hope they are (or in our case, were) to you.

You always tell when it’s just lip service and when their support is sincere.

Take care former city in the North Bay we set up shop in. See ya!

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