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Podcasts for April 26-30

Here are the latest Thoughts on a String podcasts:

Charles reads “Beware! The Winds of Change are Blowing” from The Voices of South Central. He explains political ideologies have impeded the social discourse and why it affects everyday conversation.

The subject of suicide is not a pleasant one to talk about, but Charles shares his thoughts on a final act which robs everyone, including the person who commits it. Hopefully the advice shared in this edition of the podcast will help those in need. #suicide#youarenotalone#wearerooting4u

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A Message to Black Women Reactions

Online presentation by allowing me (and some good brothers) to present my poem ‘A Message to Black Women’. Here are a few of the emails, IM’s I received after the poem was finished. This was the moment I knew I had to publish a book. ‘A Message’ was eventually published in The Depths of My Soul and you can hear it on my YouTube page 🙂 For the record, CChat66 morphed into my current handle, so for your (dis) pleasure, the poem is after the reactions below. ‘A Message’ or hear it . #blackwomen #poem

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TOAS Podcasts for The Week

Hey folks,

I have been busy working on a few projects. Hopefully you will hear more news about them soon. In the meantime, I invite you to listen to a few Thoughts On A String podcasts “Opinion Vs. Fact”, “When You Can’t Split That Board”, “That’s Not How it Works” and “Political Idedologies WILL Impede”. Please take time to listen and share your thoughts if you like of each podcast you hear.

Thanks for your continued support. Take care.

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