The Voices of South Central

09 May

Hello everyone,

This is Charles L. Chatmon, owner of Chatmon’s Books. How many of you know I’m an author? That I wrote a book called The Voices of South Central? How many of you also know it’s for sale right now on the Chatmon’s Books online store?

Here’s a description for you:

Charles L. Chatmon, author of The Depths of My Soul: Poems from the heart of a man, is a fresh new voice in the world of poetry. The world he depicts is a harsh, raw view of the streets. He doesn’t flinch from the truth of what he sees and hears in South Central Los Angeles. But he doesn’t give in to despair. His poems radiate hope and strength. While many of his subjects depict the need for social change, others are tender poems, concerned only with the love between a man and a woman. Chatmon’s voices in the book can be one of an outraged critic, lover, and visionary. Don’t miss this important contribution to American poetry!

So what are you waiting for? Please be sure to support The Voices and many other books in our inventory. Please stop by and find a title that you will enjoy!

Charles L. Chatmon

Chatmon’s Books

Click for infomation of The Voices of South Central

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