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Feet Live Their Own Life by Langston Hughes

From Langston Hughes’s The Best of Simple, this is a short story entitled, Feet Live Their Own Life. Charles L. Chatmon reads the selection.

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Storm Over South Central Story Promos

Two Storm Over South Central promos for you to enjoy. #StormOverSC

Sin is In
Storm Over South Central

Interested? You should be 🙂

Please visit for the rest!

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The Mobile Bookstore Experience (video)

Remember that mobile bookstore in California’s North Bay?

Note: It was hard to pronounce ‘mobile bookstore’ so ‘pop-up bookstore’ was used.

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Storm Over South Central Poems

In Charles’s new book, Storm Over South Central, there are poems to inspire and inform. Please take a listen at the various subjects mentioned in each piece.

Loved what you heard? Please click this link to purchase a copy of Storm Over South Central!

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Storm Over South Central Short Story Excerpts

Hello everyone, this is Charles L. Chatmon bookstore owner telling all you good folks out there my new book Storm Over South Central is now available… Amazon.

Storm is filled with poems and short stories for you to enjoy this winter (spring, summer and fall :)). Some of the poems already have been posted on this site with more to come, but for now I would like you to sit back, relax and enjoy the excerpts of the short stories in the book. If you feel like buying a copy, The Big A has plenty for you to purchase. By the way, here’s a link……Charles’s Amazon Page

I’ll have more for you soon. #StormOverSC

  • Charles L. Chatmon, author / owner, Chatmon’s Books

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Charles Chatmon and Storm Over South Central

A recent interview of Charles’s new book.

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The VoyageLA Charles Chatmon Interview

Our owner Charles Chatmon who is an author was interviewed by VoyageLA. Find out what makes him tick along with his background in the world of literary arts. Check out this link below to see what he had to say:

VoyageLA – Rising Stars: Meet Charles Chatmon
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Storm Over South Central Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE________________________________________________________

Contact: Charles L. Chatmon



LOS ANGELES, CA – The Storm has been unleashed, which means it’s time to share what’s inside the much-anticipated anthology by author Charles L. Chatmon.

POEMS: He returns with conscious poetry such as ‘Role Reversal’, ‘The Story of Shontell’ and more verses from the heart.


The Party – It started out as a farewell celebration for a friend. It ends up a tragic farewell for those involved. Find out what lives were forever changed in The Party.

Don’t Judge a Bum By…… – One man has a plan of revenge against the women who wronged him, but a homeless person endangers the plot and shares a few interesting details of his own life.

Storm Over South Central – An ominous cloud surrounds the ‘controversial location’ of South Central Los Angeles. Why has it materialized in that community? What will it bring that will impact the lives of those living within it forever?

Father’s Day – A young boy plans to see his father for the first time since his disappearance. What he discovers will touch his heart – and yours.

The Albatross – A widower mourning the death of his wife must make a decision whether to give away or keep a special gift she left for him. Will the widower retain this gift or give it away to relieve himself of his grief?

A Town Called Heaven – Short piece focusing on a small town with big intentions. Do the citizens actually mean well or will their dream end up in smoke?

Do Fries go with that Snake? – Find out what surprises are in store for a crew of fast food workers when they deal with an unexpected visitor in their midst.

Sin is In – Another short piece about a new soft drink which captures the imagination and the minds of a public willing to support it. They’ll find out not everything sweet is good for you.

Last Night at The Club –  A homeless man is mysteriously transported to late 1920’s South Los Angeles. Who is the lovely songstress appearing in a local club? Who is the gangster out to make trouble? How does all this end? Read the story and find out for yourself!

Chatmon, a refreshing voice in the world of modern poetry and author of The Depths of My Soul & The Voices of South Central returns with engaging short stories and thought provoking poems.

Read “Storm over South Central” and discover the thoughts he writes about in this volume filled with verses and tales of despair, stories of hope. It will also reveal a lot about American society – its strengths, its flaws and its people. This is a literary journey you will enjoy taking.

Storm over South Central from Adrolite Press.

About Charles L. Chatmon

Charles L. Chatmon is an author/poet who lives in the city of Los Angeles, California. He has contributed to several magazines and newspapers including the California Crusader Newspaper. He was the former executive director of the L.A. Black Book Expo for several years and taught writing workshops at the A.C. Bilbrew Library in the Los Angeles area, and the African American Library and Museum in Oakland, California.

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A Town Called Heaven Excerpt

A reading of a short story focusing on a small town with big intentions. Do the citizens actually mean well or will their dream end up in smoke? #StormOverSC

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Storm Over South Central Update

Exciting news! Check it out!

Storm Over South Central is now available for pre-order on Amazon! This upcoming November 5, 2021 is when the Storm arrives, so be one of the first to take advantage and buy your copy today!

Engaging poems, interesting short stories to grab your interest!

For example, here’s an excerpt of one short story in the anthology: Father’s Day!

Did you enjoy that? I hope you did reader, because there’s more. Other short stories include “The Party”, “Do Fries go with That Snake?” “The Albatross” and “Sin is in” Hmm………

Role Reversal, What is Truth and other poems are sure to catch your attention!

Be sure to click the link to pre-order Storm Over South Central and tell your entire neighborhood! (smile)

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