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Through The Fire….Journal of a child star
Author: Danielle Spencer
Publisher: Paperback:
ISBN-13: 9781451596502
List Price: $22.95

Book Description:
Once described by Entertainment Weekly to be “easily one of the best bratty siblings in TV history.”, Danielle Spencer describes her surreal transition from her life in New York City to Hollywood. With humor, she details her life and activities after the show What’s Happening ended, until she is met with a challenge that reveals her inner strength.



Meeting Les Brown: Ms. Mamie Brown’s Baby Boy Author: Les Brown (Complied by Evelyn L. Polk)
Publisher: Paperback:
ISBN-13: 9780981932927
List Price: $20.00

Book Description:
A compilation of heartfelt & humorous personal stories about life-changing experiences of meeting and working with the world’s leading Motivational Speaker and adoptee, Mr. Les Brown.
If you need some motivation in your life, this is the title to buy!




It’s Heart Work: Being The Village That Raises a Child
Author: Evelyn Polk (Forwards by Terrie M. Williams & Les Brown)
ISBN-13: 9780981932903
List Price: $18.00

Book Description:
“It’s Heart Work: Being The Village That Raises A Child” is a memoir in which “Ms. Evelyn” shares the joys and pains of counseling, mentoring, parenting,and caring for youth impacted by the circumstances of separation from their biological parents. Her experiences and insights will provide a different perspective and understanding of the mind and “heart set” that underlies the sense of indifference, resistance, anger, and/or rejection they may experience from the children/youth they are reaching out to. She, and some of the youth (now adults) she’s worked with, share some of the ways in which she was able to make heart connections which helped them to embrace and channel their pain into dreams; as well as the struggles she endured in loving the sons she brought into her heart and her home. Readers will be able to identify, validate, and learn how to take care of their own emotions and well-being, and not lose their minds or selves in the process of trying to “be the village” that raises a child and loves them through.




Author: Alfonzo Tucker
ISBN-10: 0974124907
List Price: $17.95

Book Description:
Noesis is the autobiographical story of Alfonzo Tucker, a young African American man, destined to survive and succeed. It is the story of a young man, abandoned by his biological mother, raised by a drug addicted father and left to survive in a world where life issues need not be solved with violence or criminal behavior. This is his early journey searching for stability, love, and happiness. He is driven to success and is helped and adopted by a loving Caucasian family that help to guide him to academic, athletic, and spiritual achievement. This is a book that is from the heart and soul. It is and inspirational book for all.




Through My Eyes: All About Me
Author: Angie Machado
Publisher: Paperback:
ISBN-13: 9781450588829
List Price: $13.95

Book Description:
(From author Angie Machado’s own words)

“Through My Eyes” is a true reflection of my life story. I really thought that because my mother was a prostitute and addicted to drugs that my life would be destined to be just like hers. I decided that I would make a difference knowing that it would be hard starting off with so many obstacles in my way and having no foundation. This was not going to hold me down. I’m a survivor determined to be the best and have the best for me and my kids knowing that I’m not a victim of my circumstance. So I figured that if I exposed the dirty secrets of what happen to me it would never be able to hold me down and it may just help someone expose their secrets to.




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