Author Chandra Adams (Shades of Retribution – April 23, 2006 ) was featured in the Vallejo Times Herald. Here’s a brief section of the article which describes Solano County residents who are taking up podcasting as a way to reach out to a vast number of people. Here is the section:

On the air
Podcasting is another avenue for a first-time author seeking publicity, said Chandra Adams of Vallejo. In 2004, she released a suspense novel called “Shades of Retribution” through Adrolite Press, her publishing house.
“I remember how hard it was to get on the radio,” Adams, 38, said. “So when I found out how easy it was to do a podcast – and I’ve always had a secret desire to be a talk show personality – I put up a Web site.”

She’s been podcasting her show interviewing authors since February. So far, she’s hosted more than a dozen other writers, letting them promote their books, the way she wished she had help promoting hers.
Adams’ shows, available at, have pulled in as many as 82 listeners each, she said. That adds up to hundreds of listens, she added. The publicity helps sales of her book, which has sold more than 1,000 copies, she said.

Adams said she has a list of authors seeking a slot on her show to talk about their book. The podcast is getting her more attention in her field.
“It’s establishing me as someone to go to,” Adams said. “If you need help promoting your book, obviously you want to get an interview.”

The next frontier

Adams, the author, said she already had a computer and Internet connection. All she did was buy a microphone for less than $20 at RadioShack, plug it in and begin recording her talk show podcast.
It’s been fun, but it’s also taxing, she said.

“It’s definitely responsibility,” Adams said. “At first, kind of nerve-racking because I felt I had to have everything just right.”
Now, she’s looking at the next level of podcasting – video blogging.
“I’m going to see if I can start recording interviews on video and putting them on in place instead of just audio,” Adams said.

The complete article can be found here.


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