The Mistake in ‘Claiming’ a New Year


I’m teasing the peeps I know on social media that ‘instead of claiming 2018, just go ahead and take care of business’. I didn’t exactly say those exact words, but doesn’t it just puzzle you that folks online will make these declarations only to find themselves making the same declarations the following year? For example:

“It’s 2016. I’m going to claim this year as my own. I’m going to speak it into existence.”
“It’s 2017. I’m going to claim this year as my own. I’m going to speak it into existence.”
“It’s 2018. I’m going to claim this year as my own. I’m going to speak it into existence.”
“It’s 2019. I’m going to claim this year as my own. I’m going to speak it into existence.”
“It’s 2020. I’m going to claim this year as my own. I’m going to speak it into existence.”

And so on, and so on…..

I’m finding out that instead of establishing a big goal or task early in the new year, it’s best to accomplish it piece by piece. Attempting to go for the ‘home run’ is a surefire way to discourage you and cause you to consider putting it off until ‘tomorrow’ which we know may never come.

Yes, this may be your year but take it easy. As it is said, ‘slow and easy wins the race’ and it will help take care of your plans for 2018.

Good luck in making this new year yours! Make it the best for yourself and others!

C.L. Chatmon

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The Easy Way to Write! (Just for Fun!)


Here’s the easy way to be a writer for the 18:

Sit down
Turn off all distractions (that means you too social media and internet)
Take a minute to think about what you’re going to write about
Focus, concentrate and write!
Just like that, you’re finished! On to the next project!

If writing was only this easy, there would be no problem with producing the work (smile).

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The Story of Shontell, Explained


Charles Book Cover 3-1 YES

Storm Over South Central (2018)

For those of you just tuning in….

2018 has already started to be a year of hard choices and challenges. I should act as if I should care, but I really don’t. Whatever is going to happen will and whatever doesn’t, nothing to get excited about. It is all about the Storm, though…….

Let’s get to the main event; The Story of Shontell. This is a poem that is part of Storm over South Central, the anthology coming out this year. I’d like to share more of Shontell’s story and why it’s important for her tale to come out. You may state a Black man has no business writing about a young Black girl, but as a teacher who has met many Shontells over the years; this is very much my business.

As a ‘conscious’ writer or as someone who writes about South (Central) Los Angeles, I must be honest and present the positive as well as the negative of what goes on in the neighborhood. In 2003 when The Voices of South Central was published, much of the poems I wrote about were a reflection of what I’ve seen, heard and experienced as a teacher, a volunteer counselor for my local YMCA, a resident of the community. So I know of what I write about here.

There is a Shontell in each of our lives. She’s faced so-called ‘directionless dudes’ who left her nothing but a bloated belly and a newborn in their wake. The reality of writing ‘conscious’ poetry is to touch on the subjects we’d rather not discuss or talk about. To keep them private as we celebrate Black Girls Rock and Black Girl Magic. Shontell may eventually have her day in the sun but as the poem will show, that day is a far off. We men have to be more disciplined when approaching a young woman like Shontell and display our gentleman-like qualities to them or better yet, practice before you approach.

Women want a real man, and when they say that from their lips, they want a man young or old, to have a depth of knowledge, able to speak clearly and concisely about what’s on our minds, to prove our passions aren’t restricted in our pants but rather what do we have to advance ourselves and hopefully a woman who takes a chance to build a life with us. It’s no mistake Black women are in the media doing big things now. It’s not because we Black men have failed, but there haven’t been many of us who tried and succeeded past the street-like attitude we’re content to remain in, our social quicksand, so to speak.

Of course, we Black men have heard this before along with the criticisms that devalue our worth in this society. This isn’t to place the blame squarely on those directionless dudes, but to acknowledge Shontell is in the predicament she’s in merely on her choices with the men she’s fooled around with. You and I make choices that affect our lives believe it or not. Whether or not we stand our ground or run away from those decisions depends on each of us. Shontell made her decision in the poem as you will find out. It is a life choice many of us rich or poor, Black, brown or white either has made or will make. The Story of Shontell is a poem that I hope book clubs, schools, libraries and readers will give great pause and consideration for discussion. It’s time we deal with the Shontells in our lives. Not to learn or criticize their example, but to take the time out and show them how much we love them without prejudice, to be by their side if help is needed.

Charles L. Chatmon
President, Chatmon’s Books
Author, Storm over South Central (2018)

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Final Thoughts of 2017

-A few words from the owner and president –

First and foremost, I’d like to thank God The Father for allowing me to live throughout 2017. Yes, I believe in God, and He matters.

I would like to thank Him for not only life, but the blessings he’€™s given my family. If we are allowed to see 2018, it will be a challenging year for not only myself, but my family as the last few days has shown me.

Storm Over South Central will be out! I’m not sure of the date, but it will include a discussion series of The Changing Face of South Los Angeles which will explain some of the topics in Storm as well as issues not found in the book, but should be discussed. I’€™m looking forward to this.

You know, I’m going to say this and leave it at the door. Anyone who will have a problem, has an issue, disagrees with anything I’€™ve written or will write; I encourage debate. This is something we do not stress anymore since we as human beings, Americans, seem entrenched in our extremes as far as beliefs, political views, etc. Social media has caused all of us to not enjoy the freedom of speech and the freedom to debate logically. This must end. This must stop.

This is going to be a long, hard fight. Perhaps futile, but I’€™m willing to hold on to my freedom of writing what needs to be said….at the sake of everything else.

That’€™s it. Have a Happy New Year.

Charles L.Chatmon
President, owner, Chatmon’s Books

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A Conversation with Charles Chatmon Jr. (Poetry International Online)

Hey peeps, I’m a featured interview in the latest Poetry International Online

(Of course, they decided to go with the author name of the Depths of CCJ instead of the updated version of CLC, but I’m not complaining!)

My interview with the talented Dee Alston was a pleasure! I look forward to her future endeavors. Thanks a lot Dee!

Remember, 2018 means the #StormOverSC is for real and inside the interview, I mention a few words of you readers will find in the anthology.

Until then, best of the holidays to you!

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Storm Over South Central Update, November 2017

Charles Book Cover 3-1 YES

UPDATE 11/26/17

You would think by this time I would announce my first (or second) book signings for Storm Over South Central, but I regret to inform you that I have to move the publishing date (again) due to personal reasons. I plan to release Storm by Spring or Summer 2018 which means I’m going to miss the 2018 book fair season which really disappoints me (don’t smile). I do want to get this anthology ‘right’ so it’s worth the sacrifice.

Along with the book signings, I plan to hold a series of discussions about the changing face of South Los Angeles and other communities taking place. Most of the subject matter will be taken from several poems or short stories from Storm.

In the meantime, I’ll keep you informed the closer I get to actual completion. Rest assured for those of you who’ve been following me all these years, the wait is truly almost over! #StormOverSC

Charles L. Chatmon
Author, President of Chatmon’s Books

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Poem: Help Meet (#StormOverSC)

‘Help Meet’ one of the poems in the upcoming anthology, Storm Over South Central (2018) #StormOverSC

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