Here are a few products from us.


Greeting Card 1 Greeting Card 2IMG_20140715_141611 Sax couples5 couples

Celebrate romance with the one you love with a greeting card from Chatmon’s Books. Imagine the joy when your significant other opens up the card with a love poem inside. Our greeting cards are treasured gifts to lovers everywhere. They’re available anytime, any day of the week.


Writers Tips DVD

From our writers workshop series “How To Turn Your Thoughts into a Book“, video lessons for new or experienced authors is now seen in the Chatmon’s Books Writers Tips DVD. Learn a few secrets about motivation, note taking to generate ideas, and so much more. Each lesson will help present and future writers get close to their literary dreams. Don’t delay, buy our video series now!



We have bookmarks with poems from co-owner Charles Chatmon on sale now. Each bookmark is laminated and produced with a decorative finish which makes the perfect gift for the readers in your family.

Note: Please email us at for prices of each item listed.


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