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Ms. Single Mom – Yes, You Can!
Author: Robbie Butler
Publisher: Paperback:
ISBN-13: 9780982052365
List Price: $14.95

Book Description:
From the pen of Robbie Butler comes a comprehensive single-parent parenting manual, “Ms. Single Mom – Yes, You Can!” is an engaging Self Help Guide is practical and easy to read; and will help all Single Moms (and even many married moms) manage a situation that’s often overwhelming.
This is a must for any single mother out there who needs help and encouragement.


Black Men vs.White Men: the Black Woman’s Choice
Authors: Cicely Johnson & Marlon Green
Paperback: 352 pages
ISBN-13: 9780615320939
List Price: $15.95

Book Description
Available now from authors Cicely Johnson & co-author Marlon Green:

“Decades ago, when relationships developed between men and women, most often their associations were based upon mutual admiration, respect, similar interests and racial connection. As time passed and the elements of love, devotion, honor, trust and support became an integral part of those relationships, men and women proudly and sacredly vowed to lifetime commitments, and began building strong, loving family units that evolved from one generation to the next. Yet today, as persistent societal changes threaten, challenge and test family values, more men and women are finding that the cohesive foundations that held their family trees together, years ago, are now lying in shambles like fallen houses of cards. Sadly enough, for many men and women, family values have become insignificant, meaningless and to some, even a joke.

“As cheating, indiscriminate sex and one-night stands become the ‘games’ on any given day, and men and women fall in and out of love like adolescents going through stages of puppy love, it’s no wonder relationships are receiving such a blistering black eye. And then, of course, by the time you throw in such elements as couples’ low and degrading public displays, demeaning and dirt-slinging criticisms, or the all too common neglect and disregard of innocent children derived from tarnished and broken relationships, you have an up close and personal look at just a small sector of the underlying causes for the negative ways many men and women view and treat one another. And, to their detriment, it is not a pretty picture.

“To understand many of the various reasons why so many ‘black” men and women tend to be at tremendous odds with one another in their relationships, one merely needs to read “black men vs. White Men… the Black Woman’s Choice,” by authors Cicely J and Marlon Green. It is a viewpoint from both sides of the coin that needs to be examined. “black men vs. White Men… the Black Woman’s Choice,” a no-holds barred reading, is certain to create a firestorm of controversy for its critical and razor-sharp assessment of the unraveling of Black America.

“This book is a “must-read” that will, undoubtedly, anger those who just might happen to see their own reflections in the authors’ mirror that also exposes the issues that continue to broaden the gap between black men and women.”



Do Not Force It, TAP THE GOOD
Author: Jacent M. Mpalyenkana
ISBN-13: 9781461079095
List Price: $16.00

Do Not Force It, TAP THE GOOD by Jacent M. Mpalyenkana is a contemporary inspirational book that embraces mystery, humor, philosophy and metaphysics to inspire. What makes this book different is the fact that, I employed real life examples to accentuate my discussions. In the book you will find scenarios that will illustrate the fact that everything is about perception and that appearances can be deceiving.


Letters Inspiration

Letters of Inspiration
Author: Alfonzo Tucker
ISBN-13: 9780974124926
List Price: $14.95

Alfonzo Tucker writes letters of encouragement, motivation, and poses questions followed up with valuable solutions in today’s world. Each letter is heartfelt and captivating; the reader will not only end up with a strong sense of self from Alfonzo’s missives; they will gain a deep understanding about the man himself.


Why Do Black People Love Fried Chicken?
Author: Nashieqa Washington
ISBN-10: 0977792102
List Price: $11.00Book Description:
In this insightful book by author Nashieqa Washington, she describes many of the myths and facts concerning Black people.The author takes a clever approach to race relations in answering commonly asked questions about African-Americans in a non-judgmental and sometimes comical matter of fact tone. A guaranteed thought provoker and conversation starter.
Author: Clarence M. Allen
ISBN-13: 9781441598943
List Price: $15.59


Regulate! The Manual goes through the things in our lives where they are the most problems. There are adventures of what goes on in our neighborhood and cities all across America and the world. There is action, there are characters. Regulate! The Manual is also interactive. There are things for you to do as you regulate your way through life. There are tricks and traps inside of Regulate. Regulate! The Manual has covered the gangs, the gang members, the gang bangers, and the gangsters, racism, gays and lesbians and the status quo.

Patience, Persistence, Perseverance and Positivity
Author: Herbert A. Brown Jr
ISBN-13: 9781622300617
List Price: $11.99


Book Description:
God called on Herbert A. Brown, Jr. to write this book. God blessed him with writing skills to communicate God’s word and will to the people during the current stressful economic times and turmoil in the world. As this is Herbert’s second published book Herbert again called on God to use him as a vehicle to reach as many people as possible who were distraught, discouraged, anxious and worried about the future. Herbert realized that so many people are “missing” something in their lives. Herbert called on God to use him as an instrument to communicate to these people that they need to possess the qualities of patience, persistence, perseverance, and positivity to live the blessed and abundant lives God intended for them. These qualities are paramount to living abundant and joyful lives. God loves us and wants us to enrich our lives with these qualities.

Real Talk Tips: Laugh-Out-Loud Pointers and Suggestions
Author: Cherise Amber Charleswell
ISBN-13: 9781456552206
List Price: $15.00
Up and coming author Cherise Amber Charleswell presents her debut book, Real Talk Tips: Laugh-Out-Loud Pointers and Suggestions. Described as a “a non-traditional, sassy, and painfully honest self help guide and work book for the morally challenged and socially inept members of society”, Ms. Charleswell provides tips on hygiene, physical appearance, communication, the workplace, and money management.
The Secret Path to Wisdom: Begin by Looking Within
Author: Dan Smith
Publisher: Paperback:
ISBN-13: 9780981932934
List Price: $19.95
From the pen of author Dan Smith:This book is designed for people who want to explore their true potential and who are not afraid of work. The Secret Path to Wisdom is a workbook — with the operative word being work.This book is about you.Wisdom lies within you. This book will help you develop your wisdom and manifest it into something you use every day to guide your life.

Savvy, Sassy and Bold After 50!
Author: Vicki Ward
Publisher: Paperback:
ISBN-13: 9780975516225
List Price: $14.95
From the pen of author Vicki Ward:Savvy, Sassy and Bold After 50 is an enlightening and informative book tailored for maturing women looking toward retirement, and developing new and exciting lifestyles. It is a handbook packed with vital information on health, wealth, and living victoriously after 50!Topics include changing health issues for maturing women, the benefits of proper nutrition, and exercise, and the value of mind body medicine in achieving maximum health.Financial specialists provide options to consider for improving your financial picture enabling you to retire at the time and in the custom you expect. Retirement planning is something many women fail to fully explore, and information is included here to aid those who need a nudge in that direction.

Life’s Spices From Seasoned Sistahs
Author: Vicki Ward
Publisher: Paperback:
ISBN-10: 0975516205
List Price: $14.95
From the pen of author Vicki Ward:Life’s Spices From Seasoned Sistahs offers comfort, advice, bonding and laughs all in one book. The women’s stories in this award winning collection resemble that group conversation you have with friends, with sisters, with your daughters.Women gain emotional strength from each other through their sharing and bonding. Some recall conversations in kitchens, and on back porches.Here, we bring those kitchens and back porches to you to absorb the rich life events these women reveal.

Winner of the ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Award, judged Best Anthology by the Los Angeles Black Book Expo, and garnering a Bronze Award from the Independent Publishers Association, are an indication of the high caliber of stories included in this book.

Transforming From Consumer To Producer in 90 Days
Author: Darryl Wortham
Publisher: Paperback:
ISBN-13: 9781449045234
List Price: $27.95
Book Description by Darryl Wortham, the author:
“The core concept is not just saving money, but saving time and energy as well. These savings are multiplied together, giving you more money to invest. To summarize, I created the equation: $ET = M2 to INVEST, in which saving Money, Energy, and Time ($ET) are multiplied to generate (=) More Money (M2) to INVEST. This equation is fundamental to your success! You must be prepared to take action to start having enough money to accomplish your goals, to stop living paycheck to paycheck, and to retire early. If you are on course to make the same income as last year or, worse, facing declining take-home pay because of ever-increasing taxes, medical costs and declining economy, don’t give up! Saving money, energy, and time will generate more money to invest-creating real income and wealth. Transforming you from consumer to producer! You must expand yourself personally as well as enhance your inner and micro economics. Rather than growing a mega-company’s revenue or the financial fortitude of millionaires’ pockets, you are going to grow your own individual savings account, retirement plan, and children’s college funds. This book is a guide to help you create a path and roadmap to a life of saving money, reducing debt, living efficiently, and creating wealth by investing within a reasonable timeframe. Together we will examine four major building blocks that inspire and accelerate behavioral changes:
1. Why and how to change your behavior and lifestyle.
2. How to save money, energy, and time.
3. How to invest your money, energy, and time savings to improve your present situation and build for the future.

4. How to create and implement a transformation plan. Progressive ideas and hilarious cheap strategies are also detailed. These are necessary to exceed your personal and financial goals. I want you to be thrilled about life, saving money for a brighter future, and early retirement, while having fun at the same time.”


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