Founded in July 2008, Chatmon’s Books is an online bookstore selling books to a wide range of readers outside the confines of a brick-and-mortar shop. The bookstore showcases a diverse inventory, holds writers workshops and empowerment luncheons for new and aspiring authors as well as small business owners.

Charles L. Chatmon is a native of Los Angeles, California. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in English from California State University in Los Angeles and was employed for several years in the educational field as a teacher’s aide before becoming a teacher.  Mr. Chatmon has written articles for colleges and community newspapers.  In addition to his writing talents, he has also coached youth sports for the Young Men’s Christian Association as well as private schools in the local area. He also assists in various community literary events. Mr. Chatmon is currently contributing to newspapers, magazines and other projects as well as working on the bookstore.

Charles’s Website:

Chandra Adams was born in Oakland and raised in Berkeley, California with her mother, father, and five older siblings. She studied piano, loved reading, dance, acting and cheerleading as a youth. She attended the University of California, Berkeley and earned a BA in Statistics and was chosen to speak to the George Bush Administration’s Education Council upon their visit to the university. Adams also attended Clark Atlanta University where she earned a finance MBA.

Chandra began her career as a financial analyst at companies such as Turner Broadcasting System and IBM. After taking a hiatus to write her first novel, Ms. Adams returned to corporate business as a Demand Planner at a Fortune 500 consumer packaged goods company.

Adams recognized her love for the written word during her years at U.C. Berkeley and taught English for a brief time. She authored her first book, Shades of Retribution and launched her own publishing company, Adrolite Press, in 2004. She was the co-host of Mixed Matters, a talk show on North Bay Media Review. She is also the owner of C Dyann Designs.

Chandra’s website:

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Charles Chatmon
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